Find a great recipe online? Save it with CookUp.

Make cooking fun again with CookUp! All of your favorite recipes in one place with grocery list management and Instacart integration!

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It's okay to close those browser tabs!

Saving to CookUp is easy as pie! Just search online for your favorite recipes. Hit the "Share" button in your browser and select CookUp. We will take care of saving the recipe for you!

Works with all mobile browsers

Once you've found a recipe you want to save, tap the share button and share it to CookUp. We'll do the rest!

Preview recipe before saving

CookUp will show you a preview of the recipe we have read for you.

Tag recipes for easy discovery later

CookUp lets you quickly tag recipes when you save them, for simple organization and discovery.

Meal Prep faster than ever!

CookUp makes prepping meals simple & efficient with an intuitive interface that shows you only the information you need, and lets you mark your progress as you cook.


Quickly jump to see what ingredients you need, and how much of them.

Track Meal Prep Progress

Check off your progress as you prepare your meal so you don't get lost in the fray of cooking

Need to stock up?

Add a recipe's ingredients to a grocery list with one tap, then go shopping or send it to Instacart for delivery

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How much does CookUp cost?

CookUp is free to download & start saving recipes, there is a premium subscription for $1.99 a month for unlimited recipes and access to premium features.

How do I organize recipes?

You can tag recipes any way you like as you save them, tagged recipes will automatically be grouped for you inside the mobile app.

Does CookUp show advertisements?

No! and we'd really rather not. We want to provide you with a beautiful, clean interface - and so there are no ads.

Is there an Android version?

Absolutely, you can find the link to it above or search "CookUp" in the Google Play store!

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